Longleat Safari Park

The Park was open in 1966 and became the first drive through safari park outside of Africa. Longleat Park was the idea of Jimmy Chipperfield (1912-1990). The former co-director of chipperfield’s circus. Today the park collection comprises of over 500 animals and counting. Jungle Cruise

As part of the park activity longleaf as the jungle cruise which houses a large family of sea Lions and for £1 you can feed them fish pieces, the central island is also home to a silverback gorilla. The second section between the jungle kingdom and
the animal adventure includes the Monkey Temple and meekest and chipmunks. Otter and barn owls can also be found in this area. This is a great place for the kids, with lots to do for grown up and children to; it sits in beautiful grounds with picnic areas, and plenty of car park spaces. International coachline London Ltd has taken many schools and groups to longleaf, all have enjoyed their day out at the safari Park