Leeds Castle

Leeds castle has been a Norman stronghold and the property of Henry the VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon. The castle has now become one of the most visited historic sites in England. Olive, Lady Baillie a daughter of Almeric Paget was the lasted private owner of the castle; she also oversaw the exterior alterations of the castle. The castle was also used as a hospital in the Second World War in which Lady Baillie nursed Airman as part of their recovery. Upon her death in 1974 Lady Bailie left the castle to the Leeds castle Foundation.

Leeds Castle makes for a great day out with the family, not too far from London, so you can spend most of the day experiencing the magical sight of the castle and be a king and queen for the day. At Internationalcoachlines of London we take all the local schools to Leeds castle due to begin close to London it make for a excellent day out for schools