Farnborough Air Show

The air show is a seven day international trade fair for the aerospace industry which every two years. The show is arranged by Farnborough International Ltd. From 2010 the show takes place in five indoor exhibition hall and outdoor aircraft displays. On the last two days the general public are admitted to watch the displays. Initially an annual event the show as its origins in the annual RAF air shows a Hendon from 1920 to 1937. At the 1958 show the Black Arrows executed a 22-plane loop, this was a world record for the most number of aircraft looped in formation, and this still remain a record to this day.

The Farnborough Air show as a Rich past, and has thousands of visitor a year from all over the world, at international coachlines London we have 8 to 10 vehicle at the show every two years taking delegate from Russia, France, and Holland. Our
Drivers love doing the show because the drivers like seeing the displays that happen each day, and clients look after the driver’s well when at the show.It’s a long week for the driver’s due to the Airport transfer and early pick up times each morning to take delegate to the show. But it’s an interesting week with all the plane companies’ demondateing their new and old planes for the entire world to see